About Jeff Palhegyi


I attended high school in Northern California and then on to San Diego State

University. I have worked with Yamaha Motor Corporation in the new product planning division since 1990. The first part of my career being in the development of new ATV designs. I first saw the Royal Star Motorcycle in its infancy in 1995 and began work on it in 1996. We did things with the Royal Star during that era that were not thought of a metric bike of that time, there just wasn’t a whole lot of people doing these kinds of things back then. We were one of the first companies to really get into metric bikes and we’ve taken it a long way. By the time the Road Star arrived in 1998 we were able to build mainstream custom bikes that were very similar to what everybody was using. The Road Star was a perfect platform and allowed us to build several different versions of the bike. At this time we were able to expand the amount of accessories in the Yamaha catalog, by designing many different style designed billet accessories for both the Road Star and the Warrior in 2000. I also worked with the aftermarket industry during this time to ensure the motorcycle companies would develop a solid product offering from everyone. Over the last ten years our custom bikes have been featured in over 40 magazine articles. These Custom Stars were all built at Palhegyi Design in Southern California . Displayed by Yamaha on the IMS Tour in the United States, Tokyo Motor Show and at Intermont in Italy. Bike builds have been documented on Speedvision (V-Twin TV and Epic Rides). We are working into the future with products for the Road Liner, as well as new accessories for the current Star Line.