“Once we started building that first concept bike, there were mumblings of selling them and getting Yamaha back into dirt-track racing,” Palhegyi continues. “I’m a dirt-track fan, and so pretty much right away I took the oppor­tunity to build an extra frame and start collecting parts. I had an opportunity to buy an FZ-07 engine from the beginning, so I was just collecting everything to build another. Six months later I pretty much had them all put together. That’s this bike.”

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Jeff Palhegyi is no stranger to building cool custom Yamaha motorcycles, having created everything from radical Raider cruisers to an FZ-07 flat tracker and a “TT” SR400. He and his team have been building since 1995, and the custom SCR950 scrambler they designed and constructed last year now has a new counterpart in the Yard Built garage: a TZ750 inspired XSR900. -Yamaha Motorsports

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"Jeff Palhegyi of Jeff Palhegyi Design, a custom fabrication shop that works with Yamaha to create special models such as the tuning fork brand’s DT-07 flat-track bike, says that the time leading up to actually welding the frame together is the most difficult, because of the amount of research you’ll need to do in order to figure out exactly what parameters you want for things like wheelbase and rake. "

-Cycle World Magazine

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DT07 Street Tracker Build  @ Dejavita, Los Angeles

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Favorite Photo : Jeff's GT350 at 2014 Snowball Rally. Photo by Randy Nonenberg